Atelier UrOburo

Via G. Thaon De Revel, 19
20125 Milano

Tel. 02 6682 3658

Da martedì a sabato
dalle 09.30 alle 13.30
e dalle 15.00 alle 19.00.
Intervallo di pranzo su appuntamento.


Il negozio rimarrà aperto tutte le domeniche
con orario continuato dalle ore 9:00 alle ore 18:00



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The name's history

Ouroboros (or Uroburo in Italian) is depicted as a serpent eating its own tail.
It represents eternity, the continuity of life and the totality of the universe.
It is the primordial emblem of creation. A symbol of the eternal return and the continual regeneration of life, the Serpent King or Ouroboros is the definitive image of the cyclical concept of time: the “great year” of the ancients. According to this tradition, cosmic time comes full circle each time the stars return to their starting point.

From that moment on (every 15,000 years according to Medieval calculations), time reverses its course and begins to proceed in the opposite direction.

With the advent of Christianity, this concept was replaced by the doctrine of linear time, with a beginning (the creation of the world) and an end (Judgment Day).
The Serpent King plays an important role in alchemy and Hermeticism, where it represents the process of refining substances.

As an iconographic motif, the snake eating its own tail has been used to represent eternity and is often associated with the gods and emblems that personify time.

The success of the symbol in Renaissance Italy is linked to the revival of Paganism promoted by the Neo-Platonism of Pico della Mirandola and Marsilio Ficino.
Princes and lords carried this emblem on the back of medals to represent, symbolically, the qualities of their intellectual, political and moral disposition in a single image.
Derivation of the word: from the Coptic “ouro”, “re” and from the Hebrew “ob” meaning snake.
Origin of the symbol: for the Egyptians it was the ring that joined the four cosmic divinities Sithis, Isis, Osiris and Horus.
Characteristics: the act of eating its own tail represents the principle of self-fertilisation.
It is accompanied by the inscription HEN TO PAN (the all is one)

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