Atelier UrOburo

Via G. Thaon De Revel, 19
20125 Milano

Tel. 02 6682 3658

Da martedì a sabato
dalle 09.30 alle 13.30
e dalle 15.00 alle 19.00.
Intervallo di pranzo su appuntamento.


Il negozio rimarrà aperto tutte le domeniche
con orario continuato dalle ore 9:00 alle ore 18:00



spazio eventi...


UrOburo is the jewellery studio of the “Cooperativa Sociale Città e Salute”, where the UrOburo Collective works, consisting of five designers (three Italian and two Japanese) who make unique and small-scale metal jewellery.

They were all taught by the master jeweller Davide De Paoli, who followed them closely in the first phase of their artistic development.

The strength of being part of a group lies in comparing different styles and experimenting with unusual metals: the studio uses “poor” metals (brass, copper, bronze, iron and aluminium), precious metals (silver, palladium and gold) and unusual metals (titanium and steel).

The designers also work as technical tutors in training patients from the mental health centres of Milan hospitals and students from art schools (Istituto Cova, Istituto d'Arte di Monza, IED).

There is also a New Jewellery School at UrOburo founded by the master jeweller Davide De Paoli and currently managed by Margareta Niel, the Austrian jeweller and psychologist who offers intensive workshop courses to help students quickly internalise the practical skills they have acquired.

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