Atelier UrOburo

Via G. Thaon De Revel, 19
20125 Milano

Tel. 02 6682 3658

Da martedì a sabato
dalle 09.30 alle 13.30
e dalle 15.00 alle 19.00.
Intervallo di pranzo su appuntamento.


Il negozio rimarrà aperto tutte le domeniche
con orario continuato dalle ore 9:00 alle ore 18:00



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Massimo Sciancalepre

He was born in Milan on 23 July 1973. He studied at the Istituto Tecnico Statale Torricelli specialising in Information Technology and then at the Istituto Tecnico Commerciale Custodi. He received a certificate as Photo and Fashion Model from the Annabella school in Milan. He followed a course as computer engineer with a final mark of 25/30.
He worked at a petrol station and loading/unloading goods for a transport company, as well as working in a supermarket. He eventually tired of it all and decided to follow a course in basic jewellery with the master jeweller Davide De Paoli.
The Città e Salute Cooperative that manages UrOburo first offered him an advanced technique course and then vocational training. He began by finishing off the jewellery of the first UrOburo collection designed by master jeweller De Paoli. He then began making his own first pieces. Since 2004 he has been working part time with the Città e Salute cooperative at the UrOburo Studio. He took part in the jewellery exhibitions “Onde” – “Alberi”- “Insoliti Solitari” and “Acrobazie Luminose”, with his own designs playing an active role in the UrOburo artist collective.

For the last two exhibitions he designed a ring and two gold pendants with ethical diamonds, and subsequently he designed white gold earrings to go with the ring at the request of a client.

His work is characterised by a love of geometrical shapes that he learned from master jeweller Davide De Paoli, together with the transposition of mental images with a tribal flavour onto metal. The public have greatly appreciated his unique pieces with copper and silver-casting that would eventually become the “Pianeta” collection, featuring necklace, earrings, ring and bracelet.

He works on men’s jewellery, pairing titanium and brass with copper.

Since 2010 he has been a working member of the cooperative.


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