Atelier UrOburo

Via G. Thaon De Revel, 19
20125 Milano

Tel. 02 6682 3658

Da martedì a sabato
dalle 09.30 alle 13.30
e dalle 15.00 alle 19.00.
Intervallo di pranzo su appuntamento.


Il negozio rimarrà aperto tutte le domeniche
con orario continuato dalle ore 9:00 alle ore 18:00



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Work Station Hire

Anyone who knows what they are doing but who doesn’t have the equipment they need to create their jewellery is welcome to use our workshop and hire a work station.

You can hire a work station at a set hourly rate depending on your needs – generally speaking at a very reasonable cost – and you will have at your disposal a work desk with piercing saw, file, jewellery pliers, and everything else you could need for making jewellery, as well as a work station for flame soldering and polishing.

Not included in the hire package are metals and soldering, which must be paid for separately by the user.

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